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Five things you may not know about when it comes to the Ketogenic Diet

I am writing this for keto beginners (fingers crossed you guys have done the research and have come to a good understanding), for people who don’t know much about keto and for people who think that keto is the worst thing since sliced bread (lol, no pun intended).

1. ‘So, uhm, all you eat is butter and eggs? Where are all your vitamins and minerals’

No, not butter + eggs, as you can see above. I personally eat more and enjoy more vegetables (dark leafy greens) than I did when I ate a balanced diet with complex carbs. I focused much more on a protein source rather than veggies where as now I make it a necessity to get in more vegetables. As Lauren has written before - you MUST eat your vegetables when you do keto, for toilet stops + for goodness. Other vitamins and minerals can come from meat & eggs. Which leads me to talk about…

2. ‘Clean eating isn’t involved in Keto’

You’ll actually come to find that the Ketogenic Diet is very clean. Being ‘clean’ is a difficult one to begin with. If we take junk food as an unclean food because of preservatives & artificial flavours etc but view all processed food as unclean then it would be very hard to keep a variety of foods in our fridge. It all depends on what your opinion is on processed foods. Of course, the likes of chorizo which is a great source of fat and protein may well be considered not great because of extra ingredients and preserves, but processed food which is thought to come in the form of the ‘junk’ that we see now & in cereals and in milk for example are not ketogenic foods either. Coconut oil, nuts, seeds, cuts of meat, poultry, dark leafy greens & some fruits are some examples of ketogenic foods. ‘When someone makes the choice to eat “clean” they are choosing to eliminate all processed foods and extra additives from their diet.  Basically, you are choosing to eat whole, unrefined foods. ’ I would like to add that pasta, oats, rice & bread are all processed foods, it all depends on what you feel ‘eating clean’ is. I follow Keto & I eat clean (apart from cheese but have been cutting down + winning).

3. ‘You need carbs to maintain and build muscle’
Photo is as above with 3 months of strength training + Keto. Now we all know that everyone is different and so progress will differ BUT whilst in ketosis & providing you do eat enough protein, your body spares muscle. The myth that your body burns muscle because there is no fuel source (ie carbohydrate) is rubbish, FAT is what fuels you in Keto, protein keeps your muscle in check and helps it to grow.

4. Keto is expensive
I for one am happy to spend money on food because I enjoy it that much and I am also happy to spend more on good food than feel bad on shitty food. So I am probably the worst person to talk to when it comes to Keto. Jasmine has posted many times to do with money + pence per calorie etc etc when it comes to food shopping + Keto (the numbers queen). She has also said before, and quite rightly so, when you eat more fat - more calories - less volume of food. From what I have gathered there are certainly ways to follow the Ketogenic diet on a budget.

5. ‘When you decide you don’t wanna do low carb anymore you gain weight’
You should not be following Keto for a quick fix. It is a lifestyle & if you don’t get goosebumps + the ‘aaaahhhh, really?’ feeling when you actually spend your hours on the research then you shouldn’t be doing it. I don’t want to go back to high carb, I don’t want bananas or rice, I want to follow this way forever, even when I am ripped + shredded, you’ll still find me smothering pork belly in pine nuts and eating dark chocolate. If you don’t understand how carbohydrate can affect the body, please don’t turn to keto.

I haven’t covered the simple myths, ie. ketosis & ketoacidosis etc which I have before because I wanted to be more specific. I have felt a little troubled recently from things I have read on here and wanted to keep sharing how wonderful my life has been recently whilst running on fat + ketones.

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