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Co-founder of Flicker&Fizz

Rae - 22 - 5'3 - West Yorkshire UK

Ketogenic/Low Carb Lifestyle - Depression recovered.

45lb loss in 10 months

Ate clean + High Protein from December 2011 until September 2013 - I then transitioned to the Ketogenic diet.

Welcome to my world that is lifting, running, my four bunnies and food full of fat.

Highest Weight - 210lbs+
Current Weight -137lbs

Forever promoting self love, love of all that is healthy and that we are designed to be the best we can be.

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Todaay again, was great. I was surrounded by biscuits at work too!

Chicken leg, Feta , Spinach, Egg and Salmon

Three egg omelette cooked in Organic Olive Oil with Cheese & Flaxseed, Pepper, Spinach & Bacon. Goats  Cheese, Avocado & Cucumber.
Strawberries with Clotted Cheese

I did quite a bit of walking at work today and I was super busy.

11g of Carbohyddrate
129g of Fat
110g of Protein

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