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Rae - 22 - 5'3 - West Yorkshire UK

Ketogenic/Low Carb Lifestyle - Depression recovered.

45lb loss in 10 months

Ate clean + High Protein from December 2011 until September 2013 - I then transitioned to the Ketogenic diet.

Welcome to my world that is lifting, running, my four bunnies and food full of fat.

Highest Weight - 210lbs+
Current Weight -137lbs

Forever promoting self love, love of all that is healthy and that we are designed to be the best we can be.

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Up for my 5:30am 8 mile run. This will be the furthest I’ve ever run before, wish me luck! I’m totally going to listen to Eminem’s “Lose Yourself” from 8 Mile on my run haha.


Up for my 5:30am 8 mile run. This will be the furthest I’ve ever run before, wish me luck! I’m totally going to listen to Eminem’s “Lose Yourself” from 8 Mile on my run haha.

Anonymous asked
hello you! i hope you have a wonderful day! I just wanted to ask you what you think about magnesium citrate - i read online that it has a high percentage of bioavailibility and therefore i bought it rather than glycinate (which was about 3 times as expensive where I live). does you know anything bad about it or could you tell me why glycinate is better? thank you!

Hello! I specifically remember Maria Emmerich (Check out her books) mention that glycinate is the best option, with it being more expensive - that’s another hint that it is better (unfortunately, the way the keto cookie crumbles).

Magnesium glycinate offers the best bioavailability out of all of the other magnesium derivatives. It is a chelated form and so bound to an amino acid which makes absorption easier. Citrate however is around 15%??? I think. It also can have a laxative effect which isn’t too great (so watch out for that).

The same with oxide, even if it can be easily absorbed doesn’t mean you get the entire amount of magnesium :-) Hope this helps.

18anubis81 asked
I assume that whenever you or any of the other fine ladies I follow are getting comments of support, it must because some other people are making ass-hats of themselves, by saying stupid shit to you about your weight loss or your body, and I say fuck them, they don't know you, and they don't have what you got, like a loving family, and strangers that love what you do, and how you inspire them. Godspeed to you.

THANK YOU! This is a lovely, lovely message.

prettyspryy asked
You are absolutely incredible and I am able to love myself a lot more because of your positive outlook! I have lost 10stone and still have about 50lbs to go and it's because of you and a few amazing others on here that inspire me. I have just started running and I'm completely in love with it. Thank you so much for being an awesome human. Also I am in love with all bath products and I will be buying some shortly for birthdays etc!

I got this when I was having a bad say and it made me feel SO happy, so thank you for spreading your kindness to me - it’s lovely.

You are an absolute Goddess! Congratulations!! :D

I’ll be sure to come follow your badass journey :-) - Thank you again, beautiful!

squattallica asked
Hi Rae! You're awesome! Smile all day everyday :)

<3!! :D squattallica

Anonymous asked
I'm just starting week three of my keto journey and I've only lost a net weight of one lb. I feel like I'm doubt something wrong.. :( I eat like 20g of carbs daily idk what's going on

It could be a whole number of things, stress (hormones), adapting, your body changing, but just keep going.

Anonymous asked
Hi Rae! Sorry if you've answered this already/get asked it a lot but on average how much do you eat daily In terms of calories? And what's your daily average burn in cals? I imagine you don't follow it too closely cause you're a pro, but I tried keto a while ago and think I probably ate too much as I gained weight

I used to and I still like do guesstimates. Anywhere from 1300-1500 and then some more if I exercise :-).

The calorie hypothesis doesn’t seem to determine my loss though.

doitright-thistime asked
Hey Rae, I've started running again recently and am more in love with it than ever. I've made small improvements in distance and time with each run now, but I know there will come a day when I don't go faster or longer than I did the time before. I may be worrying needlessly, but I'm afraid it'll be a blow to the motivation when it happens. Do you have any tips on how to soften that blow, emotionally?

doitright-thistime - Hello! First of all congratulations on the running! I’m also so happy to hear you’re enjoying it.

I think it’s so important first of all to try to understand our bodies in relation to stress, rest, exercise. Exercise isn’t the only thing that can tire our bodies out. Stress certainly can, a hard day at work can, a restless or poor nights sleep can, or simply just having a bad day can!

We need to work out if we’re rested enough and that doesn’t just mean limbs, it’s the entire body. Having sore muscles also isn’t an indicator of whether or not you’re rested enough. For example you may run a 15km, not be sore but because your central nervous system isn’t rested enough then you may not be able to do your usual max on your overhead press (even though you don’t use your arms to run).
It’s gonna be normal that you have good days and bad days, even with exercise performance. 

So don’t be worrying yourself over something that’s so natural, consciously or subconsciously. It’s important to be aware of why you’re body might be doing what it’s doing and to love it unconditionally for allowing you to even get outside. Workouts and success are not one steep curve, it’s all over the place and it’s important to remember we have bad days so we can appreciate the good ones :) (you’re still lapping everyone on the couch)

Anonymous asked
Not saying you look any less hot otherwise, but you look x10 hotter in glasses. (Still hot without)

My glasses are so wonderful ++ Thank you :)






Hi, guys!

Tonight I’m going to post a link to TinyChat at around 10pm GMT. I’d love if you all could join! I want to discuss anything keto related, answer any questions, anything, really!

See you later!


this sounds like fun!

Could anyone do it a bit sooner?! I’m getting tired ahahaha


There’s the link! Join when you can!

Guys guys everyone get on this I’m gonna join and chat too.

Such a good idea lex!

brutalfulsmile asked
I usually really, REALLY hate it when tumblr recommends blogs to me but I scrolled through about 4 of your posts and am about to grudgingly thank tumblr. So...hi!

I’m so glad that tumblr did so! Hello! I hope that you carry on enjoying my blog ^.^ xxx

Anonymous asked
Hey girl, love your blog your progress is mind blowing. I literally drool looking at your food and was wondering if you could post a recipe for your cauli mash?

200g Cauliflower
20-25g Butter
20-25g Cream Cheese
Salt, Pepper, Parsley and any other additions.

Mash boiled cauli with a HAND BLENDER and add ingredients

It’s so easy :*

Anonymous asked
Hi! So I've always worked out on my own in my room, but since I'll be living on campus at university soon, I doubt I'll have the same privacy. My school has an amazingly large gym and I'm excited, but also crazy nervous! Any tips on how to transition? I'm just a really shy girl who feels like everyone is gonna judge (which I also know isn't true), but I can't entirely shake it off. I'll be damned if I let this get in the way of my new found healthy lifestyle.

Just get in there, there isn’t really anymore you can do! You’re all there to do the same/similar thing. Just do it!! (NIKE YO)